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Welcome at booth #22 at the Near Surface Geoscience 2016 meeting in Barcelona - September 2016

The GeoScene3D team is ready at the Near Surface Geoscience 2016 in Barcelona.  Stop by and share your ideas on 3D  Geological modelling.                                                 


Meet us at the Near Surface Geoscience 2016 meeting in Barcelona - August 2016

Lookup the GeoScene3D team at booth #22 at the Near Surface Geoscience 2016 in Barcelona, Spain September 4-8. See the new modules for GeoScene3D, including fast layer interpretation of AEM data using AI techniques and voxel modelling using Multiple Point Statistics, integrating geological knowledge and measured data.


SVANA signed 5-year contract on GeoScene3D - June 2016

The Danish Agency for Water and Nature Management, SVANA, and I•GIS have signed a contract covering maintenance of GeoScene3D licenses to all groundwater employees, development of new tools supporting present and coming tasks around groundwater mapping in Denmark and facilitate access to results.
The contract remains valid until end of 2020.

Complete hydrostratigraphical model for the Municipality of Tønder, Denmark - June 2016

With joined forces I•GIS and Toender Kommune have merged a number of existing geological models in the municipality into just one hydrostratigraphical model. All the models have been individually evaluated and categorized to meet the application in the complete model and therefore geological interpretations have been made where those were not available or needed revision.
The complete model is based on the latest results coming from several subareas and integrated into just one single model. Thereby the municipality has achieved a consistent level of quality and updated database as a basis for decision-making on geological- and groundwater matters.
Local authorities have easy access to the model from any location through I•GIS’ GeoCloud platform with a free GeoScene3D Viewer accessible from any location.

For further information, please contact Tom Martlev Pallesen,

New colleague
- January 2016

Lucia Maria Morthorst Petersen who has a MSc. in Geology have joined the company. She will be working with GeoScene3D and taking care of data processing for I•Archive.

Meet the GeoScene3D Team at AGU 2015 - Booth #1136 - December 2015

The GeoScene3D Team is participating in the AGU conference in San Fransisco.
Don't miss our two presentations one on geological modelling in urban areas and the one on the new Smart Interpretation, for fast geological modelling of AEM data. See details below:

  • Oral presentation: “Smart Interpretation – Application of Machine Learning in Geological Interpretation of AEM Data”. Friday 8:15 in session: NS51B, “Geophysical Methods for Groundwater Evaluation and Management II” Abstract link: NS51B-02:
  • Poster presentation: ”Geological Modeling in Urban Areas focused on Structures relevant to Near Surface Groundwater Flow” Thursday, 10:20 - 12:20 Poster session: PA43A., “Climate Adaptation, Mitigation, and Resiliency Toolkits for Cities II” Abstract link:

For further information or scheduling a meeting at the conference, please contact Torben Bach,

Meet us in Göteborg in October - September 2015

The GeoScene3D Team is participating in “Grundvattendagarna” in Göteborg, Sweden October 13- 14.
If you are in Göteborg, stop by our two presentations:

  • Session “Modellering”, Wednesday 14, at 13.00: “Detailed geological modelling in urban areas focused on structures relevant to the near surface groundwater flow in the context of climatic changes and surface water recharge” presented by Tom Pallesen from I•GIS A/S.
  • Session “Kartläggning”, Wednesday 14, at 13.00: “Danish Groundwater Mapping and Geodata Management” presented by Torben Bach, Geophysicist from I•GIS A/S

For further information or scheduling a meeting at the conference, please contact Torben Bach,

I•GIS present at the IAH Congress in Rome, Italy - August 2015

I•GIS will be present at the IAH (The International Association of Hydrogeologists) Congress in Rome, which takes place during September 13th – 18th 2015. We participate with 2 poster sessions with the following titles:

  • Detailed geological modeling in urban areas with focus on the anthropogenic layer
  • Detailed voxel modeling in urban areas – development of new tools in GeoScene3D
Here we present the latest results and developments in GeoScene3D with focus on detailed voxel modeling in urban areas. Together with Aarhus Geophysics we also have a stand. Please visit us at Stand no. 2 and we would be happy to present to you the GeoScene3D software and demonstrate the various tools!


GeoScene3D Voxel Modeling - May 2015

Just recently we held the first courses in Voxel Modeling in GeoScene3D where we had the pleasure of teaching colleagues from GEO, GEUS, Orbicon, COWI and VIA. The courses are conducted in a way so that the participants get hands-on knowledge of the possibilities to build voxel models on a regional and local basis, as well as they are presented to new features in the usage of vectordata (i.e. pipelines, buildings etc.) The various tools in GeoScene3D are tested and reviewed on the courses.

For information on the different voxel modeling tools in the GeoScene3D you are welcome to contact I•GIS at or directly to Tom Pallesen at

Meet us in Texas in March - March 2015

We will be presenting and exhibiting at both the NGWA Groundwater Summit in San Antonio and at the SAGEEP conference in Austin, TX.
Look us up and get a presentation of the new features in GeoScene3D for fast geological modelling of AEM data and the new urban geology voxel modelling.
 - We look forward to seeing you!

New boardmember - Januar 2015

Peter Normann Hansen has joined the board at I-GIS A/S. Peter is former CEO of Blom, a major GIS company in Europe, and his experience will add new competences to the Company to ensure further growth.


Sub-urban Cost project - 2014-2015

I-GIS is participating in the Sub-urban project, A European network to improve understanding and use of the ground beneath our cities. We are presenting our suburban modelling tools, and contributing with knowledge about modelling and data.


We at I-GIS wish You all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year - December 2014

Meet us at GeoArena 2014 in Uppsala, Sweden
- October 2014

If you are attending the GeoArena conference this week, feel free to stop by our booth M02. We will be there the entire time from October 13th to the 15th.

Get a demonstration of the latest development and share your ideas, needs and feedback with us.
We look forward to seeing you!

New people at I•GIS - September 2014
Le Thanh Vu

Lê Thanh Vu joined the GeoScene3D developer team in March 2014. Vu has a Ph.D in Computer Science from Université de Pau et des Pays de l'Adour. He is a specialist in 3D visualization and optimization and is going to strengthen the development capacity in the 3D environment.

Tobias Kammersgaard

Tobias Kammersgaard joined the GeoScene3D developer team in June 2014. Tobias holds a graduate degree in Computer Science and is a skilled web and Windows developer who is going to strenghten our GeoCloud and mobile applications development.

Sóleyð Poulsen

Sóleyð Poulsen has since June 2014 had a job as a secretary and bookkeeper. Sóleyð's education lies within banking.

New release of GeoScene3D - June 2014

The new release contains a large number of performance optimizations, both in 3D visualization and in overall performance. Furthermore, a suite of additional file formats are now supported, e.g. LAS files for logs, GeoSoft files for logs, wells and geophysical AEM models and several other formats. Additionally, a series of general minor adjustments and improvements has been made.

Please download your copy from the download section.

For questions about GeoScene3D, please contact our support team at

New GeoScene3D courses for spring/summer 2014. Are you signed up? - March 2014

Take your skills to a new level or get a refresher course in GeoScene3D.
The GeoScene3D courses of spring and summer 2014 are for beginners as well as advanced.

View Course Calendar

The Danish Nature Agency and I•GIS has agreed on a continuation of a cooperation agreement regarding GeoScene3D modeling software - Februar 2014

The Danish Nature Agency, that is in charge of the national Danish mapping campaign of groundwater, has entered into an agreement with I•GIS A/S to pursue a cooperation agreement that will ensure support and bug fixing of the Geological modeling software GeoScene3D until the end of 2015. In addition there will be done some minor development that can further streamline the software.

RoboWeedSupport - Intelligent farming in the future - Januar 2014

I•GIS participates in the development of intelligent farming in the future. Drones will be used to map the specific needs for herbicides in crops, resulting in a significant reduction of the amounts that need to be applied. The participants in the 3 year, 1.1mill Euro project, funded by The Danish Nature Agency, are the University of Aarhus, The University of Southern Denmark, drone companies and agricultural consultant.

TREFOR Vand A/S uses GeoScene3D in their daily work - October 2013

The use of GeoScene3D adds a number of advantages in the daily work with groundwater resource management. GeoScene3D gives a better insight into a number of groundwater-related data and a better visualization and dissemination of complex geological settings, land data, etc.

These parameters strengthen TREFOR Vand in negotiations and cooperation with stakeholders and authorities.

VCS Denmark joins the GeoScene3D family - August 2013

VCS Denmark (Vandcenter Syd) enforce their commitment to actively working with the geology, by strengthening their software portfolio by investing in 2 GeoScene3D licenses and onsite training.

Danish researchers and geologists rally to protect the fresh water of the world - May 2013

Availability and access to clean water is a major problem in many parts of the world. The Danish National Advanced Technology Foundation is funding the project with 940.000 Euros.
The project draws on knowledge from The Technical University of Denmark (DTU), The Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland (GEUS) and the Danish geological software provider I•GIS A/S. Read full article

Classic Car Race 2013  -  May 2013
I-GIS sponsors an interactive map to Classic Car Race, a race event with old racing cars in Aarhus.
Changes in GeoScene3D license purchases   -  May 2013
We notice hereby that the purchase prices of GeoScene3D licenses will be regulated from the 1st of June 2013.

Municipality of Horsens joins the GeoScene3D family
- May 2013

The geologists at department for Nature at the Municipality of Horsens enforce their commitment to actively working with the geology, by strengthening their software portfolio by investing in 2 GeoScene3D licenses including 1 Editor license.
GeoScene3D is offered to Municipalities at special rates and in special versions, targeted at the day to day requirements of the administrative geologist.

SWECO Sweden joins the GeoScene3D family - April 2013

IGIS ends 2 successful days of GeoScene3D training at SWECO in Malmö. We wish our Swedish colleagues welcome into the GS3D family, and look forward to our future cooperation.

Read more about Sweco

Grant provides new possibilities in GeoScene3D on a national scale
October 2012
I-GIS receives grant from AU Centre for Entrepreneurship and Innovation (AU-CEI) for knowledge transfer and development collaboration with Technical University of Denmark (DTU), and Stanford (US) on geostatistical handling of large geological models.

I-GIS - Torben"We are committed to offer our customers the best tools at the best price. A major key to accomplish this is our continuous, focused collaboration with universities, scientific institutions and other actors in the industry. The grant from AU-CEI enables us to strengthen and develop this cooperation. We look forward to exciting and good process, and are excited to get started." says Torben Bach, Business Development Manager at I-GIS.

As part of the project new functions in GeoScene3D will be developed, that can be used to make risk assessments and manage national scale voxel models.
"For us as researchers, it is highly motivating and relevant to be able to test our theories on real, relevant issues." says Associate Professor Thomas M. Hansen, Department of Informatics and Mathematical Modelling at DTU.

For more information about the project please contact Torben Bach,

Aerial Photos in Stereo causes great enthusiasm - September 2012
Ingeniøren has published an article describing how the 3D-technology, that I•GIS has developed to show aerial photos in stereo, can be used to discover soil contamination.

View aerial photos in stereo
| View Gallery

Niels Just, geologist in the department of soil contamination of Region South Denmark is excited about this new opportunity.
»You get a completely different view on what is going on in the terrain because you see it in 3D. By comparing aerial photos of the same area across several years you can see the differences in the terrain over time. «
Read full article (in danish)

I•GIS A/S (Public Limited Company)  - August 2012
By 1st of August I•GIS has been transferred to a Public Limited Company.

21 danish municipalities use GeoScene3D - August 2012
The municipality of Vejle has purchased GeoScene3D - GeoScene3D makes it possible to bring all geological data into the daily casework in the municipality - Now 21 danish municipalities has purchased GeoScene3D.

2 weeks of GeoScene3D training in Thailand completed
-  July 2012
The GeoScene3D team at I-GIS has successfully completed 2 weeks training for 45 geoscientist from 6 consultancies and the national geological survey in Bangkok Thailand.

“I was deeply impressed by the enthusiasm and eagerness of the course participants”, reports Lonnie Frøjk, Training Manager at I-GIS. “Our Thailand friends showed an eagerness to learn and a work moral that was inspiring”.

During the training a special group of Super Users were additionally trained in more advanced issues. "The Geological setting in Thailand is very diverse, and provides many interesting challenges for the working geologist. It has been a great privilege to work closely with the skilled Thai Geologists, cooperating in finding solutions to their problems and needs” says Tom Pallesen, Senior Geologist and Senior Project manager at I-GIS.

“The I-GIS commitment to our Thai partners is based in a true spirit of cooperation. It has been a great experience for us all here to work together with the Thai. Each part holds a piece of the puzzle. The Thai geologist have a great geological tradition, knowledge and large amounts of data, which we here at I-GIS are thrilled to have the knowledge and tools to handle and bring together, gaining new insights. We are looking forward to our future work together exchanging ideas and knowledge”
, reports Torben Bach, Business Development Manager at I-GIS.

Visit our booth at EAGE   -  May 2012
Now our booth is ready at EAGE, please drop by for a  talk. We are looking forward to meet our customers and others who are interested.

Visit us at EAGE 2012!
- Maj 2012
From 4-7 June 2012, the 74th EAGE Conference will take place in Copenhagen, Denmark.
I•GIS will be present at this spectacular event. Please visit our booth 4.

Celebrating I•GIS 10th Anniversary
April 2012

On the 27th of April, we will celebrate our 10th year in operation.
We will invite our friends, customers and business relations to an informal reception at our company adress at Voldbjergsvej 14A, 1st in Risskov from 14.00 to 17.00 hours.

GeoScene3D - Courses
April 2012
We've expanded the GeoScene3D pages with new information regarding the different courses we offer for GeoScene3D.
Under course calender which is updated on regular basis, you can see when the next GeoScene3D course will take place.
See more here

I•GIS is hiring 
February 2012

We are happy to announce that Tom Martlev Pallesen has been employed in the GeoScene3D group starting on the 1st of February 2012. Tom has been working as a consultant/geologist since 1997 for some of the major consultancy companies in Denmark. Tom has several years of experience with geological modeling and will bring valuable knowledge of the modeling process to I-GIS. His tasks at I-GIS will be to help teaching at our growing number of courses and helping our customers with projects involving deeper knowledge of geology and GeoScene3D.

StereoGlassesAreial photographs - now in stereo 3D  September 2011
We are proud to announce that our Areial Photo service now includes a 3D stereo WMS. It is part of our cost effective I-Archive 24/7 hosting service. Live stereo demo

MTLogoRoute maps for MidtTrafik  
August 2011
For the regional buscompany MidtTrafik has I•GIS implemented a route map service based partly on Google Maps. There has been a special focus on speed, as trafic is high on the site. Link to MidtTrafik

Geological 3D tool used in daily casework -  June 2011
New article explains how GeoScene3D is used in daily casework at Danish muncipalities. The article is written by I•GIS in collaboration with three danish municipalities.
Read article (danish)

I•GIS is hiring - June 2011
I•GIS has recently hired Torben Bach who has a M.Sc. in Geology, to work in the GeoScene3D team. He will serve as both software developer and business development manager. Torben has more than ten years of experience with development of software for hydrogeology, hydro geophysics, and related areas.

GeoScene3D - Courses
February 2011
We've expanded the GeoScene3D pages with new information regarding the different courses we offer for GeoScene3D.
Under course calender which is updated on regular basis, you can see when the next GeoScene3D course will take place.
See more here

Aerial Photos 1945 Forum and new payment options
January 2011
A new Aerial Photos 1945 Forum has been launched where everyone has the possibility to share their experiences and stories with others  - thereby getting ideas for places to explore with the 1945 aerial photos series. In addition we've created easier payment methods for subscribing to Aerial Photos 1945 - using credit card or PayPal which provides instant access. 
See more here

Access to aerial photos from 1945 - December 2010
Online access through web map is now available. See more here.

Aerial photos from 1945 in the press - 12. november 2010
An article regarding I•GIS 1945 aerial photo series has given many request to our serveres this morning.
Take a look at the series here.
GeoScene3D - geological modelling and visualization software
We have now moved GeoScene3D to a New Website, Please use this from now.

GeoScene3D is a Windows application for visualizing, interpreting and publishing of geodata.

The application has been developed with a focus on geological modelling related to groundwater mapping, environmental investigations and geotechnical projects, and can also be used in many of other areas where there is a need for efficient and flexible handling and visualization of 3D data.

Getting started
Please have a look at the videos, the FAQ, and the online help system to get acquainted with the wide range of possibilities available in GeoScene3D 
Read more GeoScene3D Support

Our I•StereoWMS technology is used for displaying orthophotos in stereo 3D.

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Among our Costumers are:
  • The Ministry of the Environment
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  • Most Danish municipalities
  • Spatial and Environmental Planning Agencies
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