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The GeoScene3D Forum is for the Users of GeoScene3D. I•GIS will maintain the Forum and will endeavor to respond as fast as possible. The Forum contains four subgroups:
  • What´s New
  • Discussions
  • How To
  • Ideas?

The Forum has an english interface and therefore will some of the "Treads" be written in English. I•GIS reserves the right to translate relevant discussions and to make "How To" tutorials from the outcome of relevant discussions. As a registered user of GeoScene3D you are able to get involved in the Forum in following ways:

  • Discussions - Here you can open a discussion, for example if you have a question about functionalities, if you have problems with the use of GeoScene3D or if you have a way of solving issues in GeoScene3D you want to share with the other registered users.
  • Ideas? - Here you can put in ideas about the use of GeoScene3D or wishes for future functionalities in GeoScene3D.

In each subgroup it is possible to choose to recieve an e-mail when the forum has a new thread. Hint of the square next to "Email me when this forum has a new thread" in the bottum of the page as illustrated in the below image

Instructions on how to use the Forum:
How to submit an Idea or a Discussion is descripted subsequently:

Open the folder ”Ideas?” or ”Discussion”

Press ”New Thread” bottun as illustrated in below image:

The Add/Edit Forum post opens automatically

Type a Subject for the Discussion or Idea

Type the text in the Text Editor, here you can upload attachments and check the notification bottun if you want to get an e-mail when there is a new Post in the Ideas? or Discussion thread.

Press “submit” in the bottom of the page when you are done – now the Discussion/Idea is visible in the Forum.

In “Discussions” and “Ideas?” threads you can reply on others threads and you can sent a personal message (PM) to the person who started the thread.

The subgroups ”What´s New” and ”How To” is maintained by I•GIS only.

”What´s New”:
Here will Announcements and Development Notes be posted

”How To”:
To reach all the registered users of GeoScene3D different How To´s will be posted here.
The How To´s are posted tutorials on how to solve diffrent issues in GeoScene3D
All relevant supportquestions and solutions will be posted here by I•GIS so all GeoScene3D user can get the benefit of the supportrequests.

ForumForumGeoScene3DGeoScene3DIntroductionIntroductionIntroduction To GeoScene3D ForumIntroduction To GeoScene3D Forum

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