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The I•Archive System-Georeferenced aerial photo mosaics now in stereo 3D!
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Copenhagen in Stereo
You need a pair of red/cyan glasses to see the images in stereo. We will be happy to send you a pair if you send an e-mail with your company name and address to:
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The I•Archive System

I•Archive is an innovative system for hosting large amounts of aerial photographs, that can be viewed as georefrenced mosaics in stereo 3D, as well as ordinary "flat" mosaics.

There are a number of advantages in using the I•Archive system.

  • Stereoscopic 3D mosaics
    The aerial photos can be displayed as stereoscopic 3D mosaics, and you can pan and zoom in the same way as with "ordinary" images
  • Access anywhere
    We host the digitized aerial photos for you and generate georeferenced mosaics that are delivered as a Web Map Service (WMS). The images are therefore accessible from any application that can handle a WMS such as GIS and WebGIS systems as well as smart phone applications and can therefore be used directly with other geodata.
  • Easy distribution
    We host the images as a WMS and you decide who you would like to have access to the images. For example, different government agencies or contractors can access the same images without the need for sending large files to the different users - all they need is to connect to the WMS.Anaglyph stereo 3D WMS for stereoscopic orthophoto viewing from aerial photo and GIS
  • Cost-effective
    The I•Archive system is cost-effective and compared to other methods, for example orthorectified mosaics, there are substantial savings to be made.
  • Flexibility
    The system is flexible and images can easily be added or replaced. The system is fully scalable and there are no lower or upper limits to the number of photos that it can handle.

Currently, we host more than 100.000 aerial photos from 1945 to the present day for more than 40 customers.

What we can offer

Production of stereo mosaics, straight from the aircraft
We can process your modern aerial photos and generate georeferenced stereo mosaics with a short turnover time from image capture to delivery of a WMS.

We can deliver a georeferenced stereoscopic mosaic as a WMS within days of capture for smaller areas and within weeks for larger areas.

Digitizing and hosting of historical aerial photo archives
Turnkey projects where we take care of the project from start to finish.
This includes:
  • Sorting and handling of the original photo archives
  • High resolution scanning from negative rolls or paper prints.
  • Georeferencing.
  • Hosting in the I•Archive database
  • Delivery of a WMS for displaying the images as mosaics in mono and stereo.
We can also offer any of the above on their own or as a combination of services in order to fit your requirements.

Expert consultancy services
We offer advise on project management or on specific issues on a consultancy basis, and would be happy to hear about your project.
If you would like to know more about I•Archive or any of our other services then please feel free to contact us at:

Phone: (+45) 8731 0080
I•GIS  -  Voldbjergvej 14A, 1. sal  -  DK-8240 Risskov  -  -  Tlf: (+45) 87 31 00 80